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Scierra Prolonged DH9F

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Scierra Prolonged - It might not come as a surprise that we have developed a series of slightly longer shooting heads. We have named it “Scierra Prolonged” and have focused on optimal balance, close to perfect weight distribution and really smooth tapers.

When we presented some innocent “victims” with a setup including a Prolonged shooting head, most of them estimated the line to be between 11 and 12 meters, while the factual length was 13,5 meters.

They were initially surprised about how long they were casting with such “short” lines and very surprises to learn the factual length. We hope to surprise you as well. Prolonged lines for Prolonged casts.

There is an identification of the line printed on the line;
Micro loops on both ends of the shooting head;
Length: 12,5 meter
Weight: 35 gr
Color: ice blue/glass blue.
Merke: Scierra
Scierra Prolonged DH9F